Saturday, January 16, 2010

Together Again!

I was so excited to get up and going this morning because we were taking Asher to meet Judah for the first time since Judah had come home. We had tried to get the boys together several other times, but conflicts kept arising. Today was finally the day! We started off the morning with breakfast at McDonald's and then we headed to meet the Doyles at a cute indoor play area called Monkey's Treehouse.

Judah and Asher had been so excited to see each other (it had been four months since they had last been together at Amani), but when they saw each other for the first time, they were both rather shy. They ended up playing by themselves until they happened to bump into each other, and then it was like old times: they started laughing and having a grand ole time! It was so good for me to see Judah, too, and to see how well he was adjusting. He smiled and giggled and laughed the entire time! Honey for my soul! I loved watching Noah and Bella, in particular, interact with their new brother and take such good care of him. Lindsey and I also had fun planning all the future weddings between our children and the other sweet boys and girls coming home. Poor Ryan was just wishing Danny had not stayed home with Mac and Owen!

Here are our boys together again:

Asher and Bella playing in the dress-up area

Does the picture make anyone else want to sing, "I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee"?

Asher was too busy to hang around for any more pictures.

Asher and Judah in the store area...

...and going shopping with the wheel barrow!

I have no idea what area this is, but they sure had fun burying toys and having others try and find them

I know this is hard to believe, but this was the best picture out of 10 of the whole group.

Saying their goodbyes...

Bye, Judah! We'll see you soon!